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          Specializing in surveillance cameras in the Miami Valley

Available Services

A CLEAR, comprehensive, integrated solution is the best choice

At Clear Connections, we do everything needed to ensure the quality of protection you and your family receive is of the highest caliber. And, because we integrate all of our services, we're able to deduce the most accurate picture of what's happening during a time of high urgency. While we hope you and your family never need to use any of our emergency services, if you do, we assure you that you'll have peace of mind you made the right choice. With more than 15 years in the security business, we know what it takes to protect you and yours. The choice is CLEAR

Home Security

Business Security

Watch your HOME or BUSINESS when you are not there

Whether you are going to the grocery, away on business, or vacation piece of mind is at you finger tips. Access your camera with your smart phone, tablet, or laptop with just a few clicks.

Watch your kids

Feel reassured by watching over your children.  You can keep an eye on them if they are in the other room, home by themselves, playing outside, or even when the babysitter is over.

Watch the medically dependent or elderly

Caregivers can access monitoring cameras to ensure the safety of those dependent on others.  This monitoring helps promote independence for your loved ones or business.

We are here to help

  • You will have 24/7 access
  • Free estimates
  • Help decide what kind of cameras
  • Where to install
  • Able to customize for EVERY budget

Types of Cameras

  • License plate recognizion cameras
  • Pan Tilt Zoom cameras for outdoor surveillance letting you be in control
  • Hidden cameras
  • Day / night cameras
  • Dome cameras
  • Infrared / night vision cameras
  • Network IP cameras
  • Vehicle Back up / dash cameras

Watch what you can not see

Back up or dash cameras can be easily installed in any vehicle.  They add extra protection and safety for every driver.  You can not always see everything, with this camera you can.

Watch your profit

Tracking your business's profit and loss has never been so easy.  You work hard for what you have, protect your profit.  Cameras can catch thieves in the act.  Recordings can then be use to hold them accountable.